this will relate to you
and it will help you feel better….
or good about being human.
if there is something in need of feeling better about.

my video
i feel uncomfortable…do you?
i move this way        that   up down       back
a tension shakes out of my body. 
messages are in it’s tide,
i sift them out and decipher.

my paper
the journeys i go on and places i see.
parts of this world, but not of it.
i adventure — here are my: notes, journals, maps.

an ideation
i dance into the city
music playing, a solid beat.  and the city
flows through me,
with it I listen then loosen —
a conduit for sight, sound and people.

a story
some life stories told fall short,
there is an underneath, gut feeling, layers below,
of a clearer truth — leading to action or stillness.
i move towards that feeling wanting to know more.

for relief
we will find relief in this.


with all my heart i thank my family and friends
for your loving generosity and continued support.